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25. Hassan Mpendu, Student

Welcome to Page 25 for Mr. Hassan Mpendu

The Professional Tour Guide School – PROTS.
1. Quarterly Evaluation Reports.

2. This Evaluation is for the month of November 2011.
Please Note:
General Details & Examples are headed in Blue.
The Personal Evaluation, requirements, details and Examples of the Student are headed in Red.

3. Duration at College.
Date Joined: ..
Date to Grad: ...
Duration at School: … Months.

4. Example of Half Size Photo.
Students are required to bring a professionally done photo from the studio.
It is important to display a good photo to impress prospective employers. This example, below, is good but not good enough.

4a. Half Size Photo

5. Contact Details.
All students must provide full contact details so that they can be easily reached by prospective employers, etc.
P.O Box:
Mobile Phone:

5a. Contact Details:
He has provided the following:
P.O Box: …
Phone: ….
E-mail: …
Link: ……

6. Comments by Principal:
These are comments by the Principal as he knows the student.
After graduation this space will also display the Principal’s comments that appear on his Academic Transcript. 

6a. Comments by Principal:
Hard-work: ......
Communication: ..........
Attendance: .......
Attentiveness: .....
More Efforts on: .......
Projects: ..........
Language: ..... 
7. Technical Advise & Counseling.
At PROTS we provide continuous technical advise for our students. Students are encouraged to seek advise from trainers.This could be academic, present & future life challenges, skills, etc. 
Above: Meja seeking technical advice from Mr. Izoba, trainer and Principal.
 Below: Ramoth seeking technical advice from Mr. Victor, his trainer.
7a. Seeking technical advise.

8. Resume or Curriculum Vitae - CV:
A CV is a very important component in the graduation process. After graduation and during Job Search, he will need to present it to every application he does. Students are required to prove and show how good and ready their CVs are:

8. Examples of Resumes or CVs Contents
Family name:........... ;  First name:..............,  Middle name:...........    
Place of birth:...........;  Date of birth:..........;   
Sex:.......... (Male of Female) ;           Marital status:............ (Married/Single)
Address: P.O. Box..........    E-mail:...............    Mobile Phone. ………. (Personal);     
Carrier objective: ........................................

From ........ to ......... (Year): Certificate in tour guiding and Leadership course at 
The Prof. Tour Guide School.
 From…..(year) – To ……: Secondary School Education.
 From …… (year) to ……..: Primary School Education.

From: ................. to ................
From ................... to ...............

Like: Watching story movies, comedy,  News, Listening to some music;  Dancing, football and playing snooker.

Like: Fluent English and Kiswahili. Studying German, French or Spanish.

9. Project: General Identifications.
As a Graduation Standard – each Student must be able to identify the minimum of
100 Animals.

300 Birds.

100 Plants.
These are put in a General Identification Project as Progressive Lists.
These are checked progressively. Graduates are encouraged to keep the lists growing even after graduation.

9a. …. Projects 2:
General Identifications:
Animals – …….
Birds – ……….
Plants – ………..
Others: …......
10. Project: Info File.
It is not possible to depend on the brain for every question that a tourist asks. We designed the Information File Project - a compilation of all important information the student collect while at PROTS. It included - Details of Animals, Birds, First Aid notes, National Parks, Distances, Years, Names, Important Phone numbers, etc.These are arranged alphabetically in a Half Size Box file (below) ready to use during Professional Guiding Duties.
The Minimum items before graduation is 500.

10a. Project: Info File:
Extent (items):
Front Page:

11. Project: Spoken English
Spoken English ranks number One among the requirements by prospective employers, e.g.Tour Operators. We have designed a project aimed at polishing the student’s Spoken English. It takes the following steps:
  1. Making List of Spoken Phrases from Novels, TV, Movies, etc.
  2. Choosing the Key word for each sentence.
  3. Allocating that sentence to the right section in the Alphabetical order.
  4. Practicing the phrases to ensure comfort and confidence to use them.
If he had done a good part of this project, a Front Page (below) is made for him and he will bind the pages.

11a. Project: Spoken English
Front Page:

12. Project List : Advanced Certificate.
In order to graduate in Advanced level each student must work on ONE or MORE projects from the list below:
  1. Animal Comprehensive Details.
  2. Animals Reproduction Strategies.
  3. Birds Breeding Cycle. (Reproduction in Birds)
  4. Birds Comprehensive Details.
  5. Birds Calls.
  6. Cats Comprehensive Details.
  7. Mt. Kilimanjaro.
  8. Maasai Culture.
  9. Medicinal Values in Plants.
  10. Ngorongoro Conservation Area.
  11. Phenomenal Strategies in Wildlife.
  12. Photographic Commentaries - Wildlife Ecology.
  13. Species Endemism.
  14. Tanzania Nat. Parks & Other Protected Areas.
  15. Trucks & Signs of the Wild.
  16. Wilderness Medicine.
  17. Wildlife Documentary Hi-lites.
  18. Wildlife Ecology & Natural History
More are being designed to provide a wide variety and choice.
Below: Anitha and Mokili working on their projects. 
Below: Samples of Front Pages of the projects.

Below: Students Presenting their projects - Manase Nitwa & Mokili ole Sokoi.

12a. Project: Personal Choice.
Title of Project:..
Front Page:

13. Classrooms: Photos.
Classroom photos shows a student in class working.
It proves that the student actually studies here!
13a. Classroom Photos.

14. Examples of Classroom Discussions – Sitting Partners.
We have a Competent-Based Education and Training – CBET. To implement this we have designed unique class discussions whereby two students sitting together explain the Photo Commentaries going on our big Samsung Flat Screen - each one in turn. 
This has proved effective as the chances to make practice has improved a great deal. Hence the name – SITTING PARTNERS.
Below: Students in Sitting Partners.

14a. Participating in Sitting Partners.

15. Class works: Examples of Photo Presentations.
 In order to meet the Competent-Based Education & Training - CBET.
Each student is required to do Presentations and get recorded on video.
These recordings are used to polish his skills and prove that he is competent enough for the proper delivery.
Below: Students presentations on Photographic Commentaries.

15a. Class Presentations.

16. Recommended Field Equipment – Binoculars.
Field Equipments are very important for Professional Tour Guiding and Outdoor Leadership. Guiding without equipment is like repairing a car without spanners!

16a. Binocular.

16. Recommended Field Equipment - Camera.
A Camera keeps the great memories you get to see during the guiding duties.
Some sightings are very rare. Start with a simple, small digital camera.
Tourism and Photography are inseparable. Keeping memories.

16.a Camera.

17. Recommended Field Equipment – Day Park, Hiking Boots, Water Bottle, etc.

17a. Field Equipment.

18. Recommended Field Guide Books for Animals.
General Identifications is among our Graduation Standards. Each Student must Identify at least 100 species of animals. Having a Guide Book on Animals is very important.

18a. Animals Guide Books.

19. Recommended: Field Guide Books for Birds.

19a. Birds Guide Books.

20. Recommended Field Guide Books for Plants.

20a. Plants Guide Books.

21. Personal Books for Extra Reading
Students are encouraged to have other books for their own extra reading.
Front pages of these books must be brought for Publishing their Front Pages.

21a. Personal Extra Reading.
Number of books:

22. Tests and Examinations Results.
Students are required to do written Tests and Examinations during the course and the results will be published here.

22a. Tests and Examinations Results.
He has done the following Test/Exams:
  • Ecology –
  • Tour Guiding & Lead. Skills –
  • Outdoor Leadership –
  • Guide’s Guide to Guiding -
  • Camp Management –

23. Safaris & Field Trips:
Our Motto:
  “There’s No Substitute for Field Experience”
Each student is required to do enough Field trips, with students or with tourists.
Next is a list of our most popular field destinations. At least half of the trips must be done before graduation:

Field Trip List.
  1. Arusha City Tours & Village tours
  2. Tours to Maasai markets.
  3. Hiking to Oldoinyo Sapuk Waterfalls.
  4. Birding tours to Lake Duluti, 
  5. Tours to Longido: Birding, Cultural Tourism & Climbing Mt. Longido.
  6. Birding tour to Monduli, 
  7. Reptiles Tour at Meserani Snake Park, etc.
  8. Walking Safari in Arusha Nat. Park.
  9. Climbing Mt. Meru.
  10. Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro.
  11. Safaris to Tarangire National Park, 
  12. Safaris Lake Manyara National Park.
  13. Biking Tours in Mto wa Mbu Cultural Tourism Program
  14. Safari to Ngorongoro Crater
  15. Safaris to Serengeti National Park.
  16. Tours Southern Circuit: Dar City, Selous & Bagamoyo.
  17. Tours Zanzibar Old town, Spice tours, Snorkeling, etc.

23.1. Arusha City Tours & Village tours.
Arusha City is a wonderful place for sightseeing and learning the rich history of the area that dates back to the 1920s. The City tour is the best way to get to learn the people’s Life Styles, their economical and social activities. PROTS and Via Via Traveler’s Café are the Founders of these City Tours.

23.1a. Arusha City Tours & Village tours.
Reports – Yes/No:

23.2. Tour to Maasai Markets.
Maasai Culture is an undisputed cultural attraction. This tour takes you to the colourful markets of the Maasais for a great experience and an unforgettable treat of Goat BBQ!

23.2a. Tour to Maasai Markets.
Reports – Yes/No:

23.3. Hiking Tour to Oldoinyo Sapuk Waterfalls.
This is a very tough day trip hike!!
It is very important as it tests one’s hiking skills, fitness and Outdoor Leadership skills.
The Views are just magnificent. 
 The wet and slippery forest adventurous.
and the Swim at the Waterfalls very rewarding!

23.3a. Hiking Tour to Oldoinyo Sapuk Waterfalls.
Reports – Yes/No:

23.4. Birding Tours to Lake Duluti.
This is a simple Day Trip tour with Public Transport to Tengeru.
Walking around the lake and Identifying the abundant birds! It may include the  Tengeru Cultural Tourism Program.

23.4a. Birding Tours to Lake Duluti.
Reports – Yes/No:

23.5. Birding Tours to Longido: Birding, Cultural Tourism & Climbing Mt. Longido.
Longido Village is among the earliest tourist attractions in the Northern Tourist Circuit. Public Transport is a good option now the road is superb. Great for Birding tours, Maasai Culture and topped up with Climbing Mt. Longido.

23.5a. Birding Tours to Longido.
Reports – Yes/No:

23.6. Birding Tours to Monduli.
It is very easy to organize Day Trips to Monduli plains and even going up to Monduli Juu passing through a rich mountain forest vegetation. Different species of Birds have been seen in the different habitats. Market days can be an added advantage - Monduli goats are delicious!

23.6a. Birding Tours to Monduli.
Reports – Yes/No:

23.7. Reptiles Tour to Meserani Snake Park.

This is a very rich zoo with lots of Snakes, other Reptiles, Birds of Prey, etc.
It is highly recommended as it is cheap with public transport. Youe only chance to wear a snake necklace or kiss the adorable baby crocodile!

A camel ride is very rewarding to make you feel like an ancient Bedouin!
23.7a. Reptiles Tours to Meserani Snake Park.

Reports – Yes/No:

23.8. Walking Safari in Arusha National Park.
A tour in the Little Gem of the Wild. Arusha National Park is very ideal for Walking safaris. This is a rare opportunity to see animals on foot.
A tour around the Momella lakes for Flamingoes is usually included.
The last trip to Arusha National Park was in October 2011.

23.8a. Walking Safari in Arusha National Park.

 23.9. Climbing Mt. Meru.
Some people who Climb Mt. Meru come back saying it is more difficult than Mr. Kili. You need to try it yourself. The last trip (photo)  was very successful and well organized by PROTS in collaboration with  the Wildlife Conservation Society of Tanzania – WCST.

23.9a. Climbing Mt. Meru.


23.10. Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro.

The Roof of Africa.  Its simply a shame to graduate at PROTS, get job, guide tourists only to be asked – “How many times have you climbed Kili?”
Remember Guides Don’t Lie! Don’t even think about it!
There are many opportunities to climb Mt. Kili with Safari Companies and others by PROTS Students like the one ended in November 2011.

23.10a. Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro.


23.11. Safari to Tarangire National Park.
Tarangire is 118km from Arusha. The woodland habitat is a host to the Largest population of Elephants. Baobabs, too.
Last trip was in may 2011.

23.11a. Safari to Tarangire National Park.

23.12. Safari to Lake Manyara National Park.
Famous for Tree-Climbing Lions.
Game viewing takes you through different vegetation zones, habitats and species. The famous Hippo pool and the flamingoes are part of this wonderful package.
The make sure you visit the Hot Springs - Maji Moto – Ndogo na Kubwa. Picnic lunch at one of the best views.
Last trip to Manyara was in may 2011.

23.12a. Safari to Lake Manyara National Park.

23.13. Biking Tours in the Mto wa Mbu Cultural Tourism Program.
Mto wa Mbu is Cultural Melting Pot!
All 120+ tribes of Tanzania are represented in this little but vibrating village.
The Cultural Tourism Programme is among the most successful program in Tanzania and the experienced guides shows it all – Local dishes, Mbege, Mosquitoes, etc!
Last trip was in May 2011.

23.13a. Biking Tours in the Mto wa Mbu Cultural Tourism Program.

23.14. Safari to Ngorongoro Crater.
The Eighth Wonder of the World - The Ngorongoro crater, is the largest unbroken caldera in the World, with
Home of 30,000 animals including the rare Black Rhino.
Highly recommended for Field trips as most animals are easily seen in the open crater floor. PROTS organizes many trips per year.

23.14a. Safari to Ngorongoro Crater.

23.15. Safari to Serengeti National Park.
Siringet - Endless Plains: Arguably the best known wildlife sanctuary in the World.
The Migration crossing through the endless plains with Big cats on their heels.
Many of our Tourists groups go to SNP. Students organizes Serengeti trips at least once per year. Don't miss out!! Last Students trip August 2010.

23.15a. Safari to Serengeti National Park.

23.16. Tour to Southern Circuit - Bagamoyo, Dar, Selous, etc.
Bwaga moyo..... so goes the saying.

23.16a. Tour to Southern Circuit - Bagamoyo, Dar, Selous, etc.

23.17. Tours to Zanzibar: Spice Tours, Stone Town, Snorkeling, etc.
Marashi ya Pemba!!!

23.17a. Tours to Zanzibar: Spice Tours, Stone Town, Snorkeling, etc.

23.18. Other Tours:
Students are at liberty to organize their own trips like this amazing one that passed through Mbululand! Credit goes to Patrick, Frank and David for organizing this very rare trip. 

23.18a. Other Tours:

24. Field trips with Tourist Groups.
Our Motto:. “There’s No Substitute for Field Experience”
We have many tourist groups who come knowing they are going to interact with our students. Memorable Educational Adventure and Unique Cultural Exchanges.

24a. Field trips with Tourist Groups

25. Field Trip Reports
In order to prove Professionalism every Student must complete a report for every field trip he does. These reports are files in his personal file.

Details of Field Trip Report.
Name of Student (Organizer/Leader): .....................................
Date:______________ Time: ___________________
Duration of Tour: _____From _____________ To: ____
Places Visited:
Vehicle No: (If applicable) ________________ Public Transport: _____
Driver’s Name: (If applicable) ____________________
Company’s Name (If applicable) ________________
Local Tour Guide’s Name: (local Contact) __________
Contact Telephone (Mobile) ___________
List of Tourists: ______________________
List of animals:____________
List of Birds: ______________
List of Plants: _____________
Personal Impressions of Tour (Educational, Organization, Quality, etc) ____
Positive Comments from Tourists.______________________________
Negative Comments from Tourists._____________________________
Recommendation for Improvements e.g. Timing, Stops, Duration, etc____
Emergencies, Accidents of other Incidents:_________________
Signature: ……………………………………………………

25a. Field Trip Reports,

26. Evaluations by Tourists & Tour Leaders.
 This is the most valuable component of our Field Trips system. Tourists and Tour Leaders are requested to fill up the Evaluation Form(s) right after the trip. By Evaluating the Student, the tourists help us to find the education gaps and additional training needs for the student before he graduate. The Evaluation Forms have an important tool in the Job Search.

26a. Evaluations by Tourists.

27. Best Articles:
Best Animal, Best Bird, Best Plant, Best insect, Best Field Trip, Best Park, etc.
Students are encouraged to write on some of these topics, so that their articles may be published in their blogs. 
27a. Best Articles:

28. Driving Licence:
Driving is a very important skills required for any Tour Driver Guide.
It is, therefore a very important component for the tour guide to secure employment. Efforts must be done to acquire a Class C Driving Licence. 
Example of a new Driving Licence.

28a. Driving Licence

29. PROTS Certificates:
Upon graduation, a student is awarded a Certificate. On the reverse there is an Academic Transcript. Examples of PROTS Certificate:

29a. PROTS Certificates:

30. Certificates: Special Courses:
Once in a while there happens to be a Special Course, esp in First Aid. We encourage Students to attend and make the best of such an opportunity. Here examples:
Below: The First Aid Course by Base Camp, Canada conducted in PROTS Classroom.

Below: AERIE First Aid course conducted at EA Voyage by Alex Lemnge:

30. Other Certificates:
Students are encouraged to bring their Certificates for publishing in their blogs. This makes Job Search a lot more easier. Once Prospective employers are directed to the Blog they can see all the documents required to consider the applicant for employment.
Examples are:
Primary and Secondary Education certificates.
Religious Certificates

 30a. Other Certificates:

 30. Mountain Climbing Certificates:
 Mountain Climbing Certificates are awarded to successful climber of
  • Mt. Meru
  • Mt. Kilimanjaro.

30a. Mountain Climbing Certificates:

31. Travel Documents.
 It goes without saying that proper Travel Documents like Passports are part and parcel for the tour guiding profession. Tour Guiding is about traveling. Students are encouraged to work on this as soon as possible.

31a. Travel Documents. 


32. Next Evaluation.
The next Evaluation Report will be in March 2012.
Comparison will be done as to how much progress he has added to the present Report.

33. Photo Album.
Any extra Photos will be published on this space.

Welcome to Page no 25 For Mr. Hassan Mpendu.
1. Passport Size Photo.
Not supplied yet.
2. Contact Details:
a. P.O. Box:
b. Phone: +255712815501
c. E-mail:
 Not supplied yet.
3. Comments by Principal: Mr. Hassan was the happiest man on this planet to find himself at PROTS. He is a hard working person who does the right thing once he understands it. Hassan is very very dependable, trustful and can work without supervision.
Not supplied yet.
4. Resume/CV:
·         First  Name :  Hassan
·         Middle Name:  ….
·         Last  Name:  Mpendu
·         Nationality:   Tanzanian
·         Birth  Date: 14th July 1990
·         Marital Status: Single
·         Sex: Male
·         Full Physical/Resident Address
Name: Hassan Mpendu
Phone: +255 712 815501
Direct Link:

2.       EDUCATION:
·         2010 - 2011: Advance Certificate in professional tour guiding and leadership at PROTS, Arusha
·         2009: Driving School in Veta
·         2005 -2008: Certificate of O’ level Education from Kipera Secondary School Morogoro.
·         1996-2002: Certificate of Primary Education from Kipera Primary School, Morogoro

I visited Mikumi National Park.
I went on field to Oldonyo sapuk
Driver Guide and Mountain Guide

6.       LANGUAGES:
·         Kiswahili
·         English

7.       HOBBIES:
Wildlife documentaries, listening music and playing football

8.       REFERENCE:
·         Principal of Professional Tour Guide School – (PROTS)
Mr. Vedasto Izoba
TELL: 0754-894077
Arusha, Tanzania

5. Classrooms
a. Photos.
b. Presentations Single & Album:
c. Progressive Lists of General Identifications for Animals, Birds & Plants.
Not supplied yet.
6. Projects:
a. Cover Page.
b. Sample Pages.

7. Safaris & Field Trips:
a. Photos:
b. Reports:
c. Evaluations by Tour Leaders & Tourists.
d. Field Guide Books
e. Field Equipments: Binoculars, Camera, etc.
Not supplied yet.
8. Tests & Exam Papers:
a. Results:
b. Sample Papers:

Not supplied yet.
9. Certificate PROTS
a. Certificate.
b. Academic Transcript:
c. Evaluation Reports.
Not supplied yet.
10. Certificates – Others.
a. Certificates from other Colleges – VETA, Computer, etc.
b. Secondary School Leaving Certificates.
c. National Exams Results, etc.
Not supplied yet.
11. Licenses:
a. Driving.
b. Mountain, etc.
Not supplied yet.
12. Letters of Recommendations from Previous Employers, etc.
Not supplied yet.
13. Travel Documents – Passport.
Not supplied yet.
14. Articles:
a. Best Animal, Bird or Plant. Best Field Trip, Park, etc.
Not supplied yet.
15. Photo Album:



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