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214. Joachim John

The Professional Tour Guide School – PROTS.

Quarterly Evaluation Reports

Welcome to the Progress Report Presentation for Mr. JOACHIM JOHN..

Evaluation for the month of ……….. Year 2012
This Evaluation Report format is also used in making a DVD for the Student’s Progress in his Personal Blog for Students and Graduates.
The next Evaluation will therefore be based on the previous one to see how much the student has progressed.
General Details & Examples are headed in Blue.
The Personal Evaluation details of the Student are headed in Red a.
There are about 50 slides of detailed Information.
 1. Duration at College.
 Date Joined: ..

Date to Grad: ...

Duration at School: … Months.
1a. Duration at College.

Date Joined: ..

Date to Grad: ...

Duration at School: … Months.

2. Example of Half Size Photo.

A Student needs to bring a professionally done photo from the studio.
It is important to display a good photo to impress prospective employers.

2a. Half Size Photo


3. Contact Details.

All students must provide full contact details so that they can be easily reached by prospective employers, etc.
P.O Box:
Mobile Phone:

3a. Contact Details:

He has provided the following:
P.O Box: …
Phone: ….
E-mail: …
Link: ……

4. Comments by Principal:

These are comments by the Principal as he knows the student.
After graduation this space will display the Principal’s comments that appear on his Academic Transcript.

4a. Comments by Principal:

Hard-work: ….
Communication: …….
Attendance: …….
Attentiveness: …….
More Efforts on: ……..
Projects: …….
Extra Language: …………..

5. Technical Advise & Counseling.

Students are encouraged to seek advise from trainers.
This could be academic, present & future life challenges, etc.



6. Resume or Curriculum Vitae - CV:

A CV is a very important component in the graduation process.
He will need to present it to every application he does.

6. Examples of Resumes or CVs Contents

Family name: First name :  Middle name:.      Place of birth:            Date of birth :
Sex                : (Male of Female) ;                                                        Marital status:
Address :    E-mail:     Tel. ………. (Personal);        Nationality    : Tanzanian,
Carrier objective: Driver guide and Mountain guide.
From to (Year): Certificate in tour guiding and Leadership course at Prof. Tour Guide School.
 From…..(year) – To ……: Secondary School Education.
 From …… (year) to ……..: Primary School Education.
(a). Guided ....... tourist groups though Tarangire, Manyara, 
Ngorongoro, Serengeti Nat parks and lake Natron.
(b). Worked for …………. Tour Company as ........ for ...... years.
Watching story movies, comedy,  News, Listening to some music;  
Dancing, football and playing snooker.
Fluent English and Kiswahili.

6a. Resumes or CVs


7. Project - Core: Progressive Lists
General Identifications.

As a Graduation Standard – each Student must be able to identify the minimum of
100 Animals.
300 Birds.
100 Plants.

These are put in a General Identification Project as Progressive Lists.
These are checked progressively.

7a. Project - Core: Progressive Lists
General Identifications.:

Animals – ……..
Birds – ……….
Plants – ……….
Others: ……..

8. Project - Core: Info File.


The Information File Project is a compilation of all important information the student collect while at PROTS.
Details of Animals, Birds, First Aid, National Parks, Distances, Years, Names, etc.
Arranged alphabetically in a Half Size Box file ready to use during Professional Guiding Duties.
The Minimum items before graduation is 500.

8a. Project - Core: Info File:

Extent (items):
Front Page:

9. Project - Core:
Spoken English

This is a project aimed at polishing the student’s Spoken English.
Each student is required to read novels, listen to TV, Movies, etc and make a long list of common spoken phrases he understands.
Then he arranges each phrase in the Alphabetical order.
A Front Page is Published.

9a. Project - Core: Spoken English

Front Page:

10. Project - Core: Progressive Lists
Wildlife Documentaries.

As a Graduation Standard – each Student must watch a minimum of 50 Documentaries:

Africa The Serengeti.
Leopard’s Son.
The year of the Wildebeest.
Year of the Jackal.
The Tides of Kilawira,
Islands In the Sea - Kopjes
Castles 0f Clay, etc.

These are put in a Project as Progressive List.
The list is checked progressively. 


10a. Project - Core: Progressive Lists
Wildlife Documentaries.

He has watched the following Documentaries:


11. Project List : Personal Choice.


In order to graduate in Advanced level each student must work on ONE or MORE projects from the list below:
  • Animal Comprehensive Details.
  • Animals Reproduction Strategies.
  • Birds Breeding Cycle.
  • Birds Comprehensive Details.
  • Birds Calls.
  • Cats Comprehensive Details
  • Documentary Hi-lites.
  • Mt. Kilimanjaro.
  • Maasai Culture.
  • Medicinal Values in Plants.
  • Ngorongoro Conservation Area.
  • Phenomenal Strategies in Wildlife.
  • Photographic Commentaries.
  • Species Endemism.
  • Tanzania Nat. Parks & Other Protected Areas.
  • Trucks & Signs of the Wild.
  • Wilderness Medicine.
  • Wildlife Ecology & Natural History.

11. Examples of Students & their projects.


13a. Project: Personal Choice.

Title of Project:..
Front Page:

12. Examples of Classrooms: Photos.

Classroom photos shows a student in class working.
It proves that the student actually studies here!

12a. …….. Classroom Photos.

15. Examples of Classroom Discussions – Sitting Partners.
In order to give more practice to students on how to deliver the knowledge they have, we have designed the Sitting Partners strategy. Each student in turn, give commentaries to his next partner on the same desk as to what he might say on the Slide on the big screen.

13. Participating in Sitting Partners.
Students are required to develop their presentation skills by talking to each others during the Sitting Partners program.

13a. Participation in Sitting Partners.

14. Class works:  Photo Presentations.

 In order to meet standards of the Competent-Based Education & Training - CBET.
Each student is required to do Presentations and get recorded on video.
The recording are used to polish his skills and prove that he is competent enough for proper delivery.
Photo Presentations

14a. Class Presentations.



15. Recommended Field Equipment – Binoculars.


Guiding without equipment is like trying to repair a car without spanners!

15a. Binocular.

Comments: He needs to buy a Binocular.
He must start budgeting for these.


16. Daypack.

It is very important for a Guide to have a Daypack that is sued to carry Guide books, Snacks and other Field Equipments.

16a. His Daypack.


17. Recommended Field Equipment – Camera.


A Camera keeps the great memories you get to see during the guiding duties.
Some sightings are very rare.
Start with a simple, small digital camera.

Tourism and Photography are inseparable.

17a: His Camera.

Comments: He needs to buy a Camera.
He must start budgeting for these.

18. Recommended Field Equipment – Hiking Boots, Water Bottle, etc.


Hiking boots and water bottle must be bought and used while at school, so that it becomes part and parcel of the owner. Don’t wait on the employment day. It will be too late!

18a. His Field Equipment.

Comments: He needs to buy a …...
He must start budgeting for these.

19 . Field Guide Books for Animals.
 Identifications of Animals is very important for a Tour Guide. We have minimum of 100 species as a Graduation Standard. A student can choose any kind of Guide according to his liking and budget.
Examples of Recommended Guide Books. 


19a. His Animals Guide Books.



20. Field Guide Books for Birds.
 Identifications of Birds is the best skills a Tour Guide can have. Many tourists are impressed by the knowledge of different species from large raptors to the LBJs (Little Brown Jobs). We have minimum of 300 species as a Graduation Standard. A student can choose any kind of Guide according to his liking and budget.
Examples of Recommended Guide Books.


20a. His Birds Guide Books.


21. Recommended Guide Books for Plants.

21a. Plants Guide Books.


22. Personal Books for Extra Reading.


Students are encouraged to have other books for their own extra reading.
Front pages of these books must be brought for Publishing their Front Pages.

22. More Examples of  Books for Extra Reading.


22a. His Extra Reading.



23. Tests and Examinations Photos & Results.


Students are required to do written Tests and Examinations during the course and the results will be published here.

23a. His Tests and Examinations Results.

He has done the following Test/Exams:
Ecology –
Tour Guiding & Lead. Skills –
Outdoor Leadership –
Guide’s Guide to Guiding -
Camp Management –

24. Safaris & Field Trips: Photos.

Our Motto:

  “There’s No Substitute for Field Experience”

Each student is required to go Field trips, with students or with tourists.
Next is a list of our most popular field destinations.

Recommended Field Trip List.

  • City Tours and Village tours.
    • Including AICC & Rwanda Tribunal Court.
  • Hiking to Oldoinyo Sapuk.
    • Including Village Tour & Waarusha Culture.
  • Birding tours to Lake Duluti, Longido, Monduli, etc.
    • Including Meserani Snake Park
  • Walking Safari in Arusha Nat. Park.
    • Including a Momella Lakes Flamingo Tour.
  • Climbing Mt. Meru, Mt. Longido  & Mt. Kilimanjaro.
    • Including Longido Cultural Tourism
  • Tarangire, Manyara, Ngorongoro & Serengeti.
    • Including Mto wa Mbu Cultural Tourism.
  • Southern Circuit: Dar City, Selous & Bagamoyo.
    • Including Coastal Historical Sites
  • Zanzibar Old town, Spice tours, Snorkeling, etc.

Arusha City Tours.
Arusha City is a wonderful place for sightseeing and learning the rich history of the area that dates back to the 1920s. The City tour is the best way to get to learn the people’s Life Styles, their economical and social activities. The National Natural History Museum, PROTS and Via Via Traveler’s Café are the Founders of these City Tours.


Arusha City is a wonderful place for sightseeing and learning the rich history of the area.
Best way to get to learn the people’s Life Styles and their economical and social activities.
PROTS and Via Via Traveler’s Café are the Founder of these City Tours.
Guides are also encouraged to visit Hotels and get the feeling of Guiding.

More Examples of Field Trips – Arusha City Tours.
Students can organize City Tour and visit the Arusha International Conference Center.

26a. City & AICC Tour.


Comments: City tours are the cheapest and easiest of all! 

25. Field Trips to Hiking to Sapuk on the Slopes of Mt. Meru.


This is a very simple day trip to organize but difficult to hike!!
It is very important as it tests one’s hiking skills, fitness and Outdoor Leadership skills.

More Examples of Field Trips to Hiking to Sapuk on the Slopes of Mt. Meru.

25a. His Sapuk Waterfalls Hike


26. Examples of Birding Tours to Monduli

 Birding tours to Monduli and the Maasai Steppe is very rewarding. 
You get to see many species of birds in real life.


26a. His Monduli Birding Tour.



27. Examples of Field Trip to Lake Duluti Birding Tour.


This is a simple Day Trip with Public Transport.
Walking around the lake and Identifying the abundant birds!

27a. Lake Duluti & Forest Tour.


28. Day Trip to  Meserani Snake Park.

This is a very rich zoo with lots of Snakes, other Reptiles, Birds of Prey, etc.
It is highly recommended as it is cheap with public transport.
A camel ride is very rewards to make you feel like an ancient Bedouin

 28a. His Tour to Meserani!!!


28. Climbing Mt. Meru.

Very successful trips.
Most are organized through our sister companies – Authentic Explorers & InSerengeti Travels
This one was organized by PROTS and the Wildlife Conservation of Tanzania – WCST.

More Examples of Field Trip – Climbing Mt. Meru.

29a. Climbing Mt. Meru.


30. Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro.

There are many opportunities to climb Mt. Kili with Safari Companies like this one and others by PROTS students. Our sister companies - Authentic Explorers and InSerengeti also include students in their group.

Examples of Field Trips to Kilimanjaro.


30a. Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro.


31. Longido Cultural Tourism

This is a great cultural adventure in the Maasai Village topped up by a wonderful hike up Mt. Longido. One of PROTS favourites!! Highly  recommended. 

Examples of Climbing Mt. Longido


31a. Longido Cultural Tourism


32. Walking Safari in ANAPA.

Day Trips to Arusha National Park for Walking safari is very rewarding.
A tour in the Little Gem of the Wild. Arusha National Park is very ideal for Walking safaris. This is a rare opportunity to see animals on foot.
A tour around the Momella lakes for Flamingoes is usually included.
The last trip to Arusha National Park was in October 2011.

Examples of Hiking in Arusha National Park.

32a. His Walking Safari in ANAPA.


33. Field Trip to Tarangire National Park.

Tarangire is 118km from Arusha. Largest population of Elephants.
Last trip was in February 2012.

Examples of Field Trips to Tarangire Nat. Park


33a. His Trip to Tarangire National Park.


34. Field Trip to Lake Manyara National Park.

Famous for Tree-Climbing Lions.
Different vegetation zones, habitats and species.
Last trip to Manyara was in February 2012.

Examples of Field Trips to  Lake Manyara Nat. Park.


34a. His Trip to Lake Manyara National Park.


35. Mto wa Mbu Cultural Tourism

Mto wa Mbu is Cultural Melting Pot!
All tribes of Tanzania are represented in this little but vibrating village.
A Cultural Tourism Programme shows it all – Local dishes, Mbege, etc!
Last trip was in February 2012.

35a. His tour at Mto wa Mbu Cultural Tourism


36. Ngorongoro Crater.

Ngorongoro crater is the largest unbroken caldera in the World, with 304
Home of 30,000 animals including the rare Black Rhino.
Highly recommended for Field trips. Visited many times.

36a. His trip to Ngorongoro Crater.


37. Field Trips to Serengeti Nat. Park

Arguably the best known wildlife sanctuary in the World.
The Migration crossing through the endless plains with Big cats on their heels.
Many of our Tourist groups go to SNP.
Last Students trip August 2011.

Examples of Field Trips to Serengeti Nat. Park


37a. Serengeti National Park.


38. Field trips with Tourist Groups.

Our Motto:. “There’s No Substitute for Field Experience”

We have many tourist groups who come knowing they are going to interact with our students.
Memorable Educational Adventure and Unique Cultural Exchanges.


38a. His experiences with Tourist Groups


39. Field Trip Report:
In order to professionalism every student is required to make and submit a Field trip Report for every trip done by him. These trips are files in his personal Files and published here. 
Sample of Field Trip Report Deatils:
39. Details of Field Trip Report.
Name of Student (Organizer/Leader): Elihuruma Joshua Shikonyi.
Date:______________ Time: ___________________
Duration of Tour: _____From _____________ To: ____
 Places Visited: ………………………………….
Vehicle No: (If applicable) ________________ Public Transport: _____
Driver’s Name: (If applicable) ____________________
Company’s Name (If applicable) ________________
Local Tour Guide’s Name: (local Contact) __________
Contact Telephone (Mobile) ___________
List of Tourists: ______________________

List of animals:____________
List of Birds: ______________
List of Plants: _____________
Personal Impressions of Tour (Educational, Organization, Quality, etc) ____
Positive Comments from Tourists.______________________________
Negative Comments from Tourists._____________________________
Recommendation for Improvements e.g. Timing, Stops, Duration, etc____
Emergencies, Accidents of other Incidents:_________________
Signature: ……………………………………………………

39. His Field Trip Reports:

40: Evaluation Reports by Tour Leaders. 
We have formal agreements with our tourist group to fill up an Evaluation Form for every student on a tour. This is also used in Job Search.

41. Further Studies:
Our students get chances to attend other courses like:
  • NOLS - National Outdoor Leadership Course - Wyoming USA 
  • AERIE Backcountry Medicine.
  • KINAPA Mountain Guiding Course - Kilimanjaro. etc.
Their details of success and Certificates will be published here.

41. His Further Studies:

42. Best Articles.
Students are encouraged to publish their own articles on Animals, Birds, Plants, Parks, etc. to be published here.

43. Driving Licence.
This is very important for a tour guide graduate. His Licence will be published here.
Examples of Driving Licence.

43. His Driving Licence.

44. Other Special Courses.
Once in a while there happens to be a Special Course, esp in First Aid. We encourage Students to attend and make the best of such an opportunity. Here examples:

Below: The First Aid Course by Base Camp, Canada conducted in PROTS Classroom.

Below: AERIE First Aid course conducted at EA Voyage by Alex Lemnge:

44. PROTS Certificates.
Once a student meets graduation standards, he will be awarded a
 Certificate and the Academic Transcript.

44. His PROTS Certificates.

44a. Other Certificates.
We encourage students to bring their Certificates from other schools and colleges for publication. This is very useful in Job Search.
Examples of other Certificates.

44a. His Other Certificates.

 45. Climbing Mt. Meru.
Climbing mountains enhances the knowledge and Outdoor Leadership Skills for a Student Guide. Our Students are encouraged to climb our best mountains Mt. Meru & Kilimanjaro. The trips are easy to organize. Mountain Climbing Certificates are awarded to successful climber.

45a. His Photos, Reports & Certificate of Climbing Mt. Meru.

Other trips to the Southern Circuit - Bagamoyo, Dar, Selous, etc.

Bwaga moyo..... so goes the saying.
a. Tour to Southern Circuit - Bagamoyo, Dar, Selous, etc.



b. Tours to Zanzibar: Spice Tours, Stone Town, Snorkeling, etc.

Marashi ya Pemba!!!
c. Tours to Zanzibar: Spice Tours, Stone Town, Snorkeling, etc.




46. Travel Documents.
Tour guiding is about traveling. Students are encouraged to get their passports and bring them for publishing. 



46a. His Travel Documents.

47. Future Plans.
Students are encouraged to chart their future plans and that way we can help them meet their goals!

47a. His Future Plans and next Evaluation.

Your Comments will be highly appreciated. Please send them through our e-mail or in the Comments Box below.

49. Copyright - PROTS 2012

All rights reserved.

No part of this DVD may be reproduced in any form without the written permission of PROTS.

Compiled by

Mr. Vedasto Izoba, Principal.

The Professional Tour Guide School – PROTS

The End!

50. Photo Album.

Any extra photos and documents will be published here.

50a. His Photo Album.


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